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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a sponsor?

Do you know anyone that has made Cursillo before?  Did someone in your parish talk to you or introduce you to Cursillo?  Those people are great places to start - ask them to help you find a sponsor. 

If you still need help finding a sponsor, click HELP ME FIND A SPONSOR - be sure to include your parish.

Why does my sponsor drive me to the campsite?

There are a number of reasons your sponsor will drive you to the site. 


To journey together: To be a Christian is to be on a journey.  The Cursillo retreat is also a journey, both personally as well as with others.  Your sponsor driving you is the beginning, and the retreat really starts during that drive.

Personal: The Cursillo retreat involves a series of talks given by both lay people and clergy.  The topics of the talks build on each other, so it is important to not miss any if possible.

Logistical: The retreat operates on a well-established schedule that begins with important meditations Thursday night.  You sponsor driving you helps to ensure all retreatants arrive with time to check in, unpack their things,and be prepared for the retreat to start.

Who should attend the weekend?

Cursillo is for single or married Catholics who are at least 18 years old. There is no upper age limit. There is a Weekend for men and a Weekend for women.


For married couples, there is no rule as to which spouse should make Cursillo first. Also, one spouse can make the Weekend without the other ever making it. It is important, however, that both spouses discuss and understand what Cursillo involves, and that the person not making the Weekend is supportive of the person making the Weekend. This is especially important if one of the spouses is non-Catholic. For non-Catholics, other faiths have Weekends patterned after the Cursillo Weekend.

What happens during the weekend?

The Weekend begins at 8:00 PM Thursday evening and ends at about 7:00 PM Sunday evening.  During the weekend, there are nine talks given by lay people, and five talks and five meditations given by clergy. The Eucharist is celebrated each day and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is available.

The title of the talks indicate their content: Ideal, Grace, Layperson in the Church, Faith, Piety, Study, Sacraments, Obstacles to Life of Grace, Action, Leaders, Study of the Environment, Christianity in Action, Christian Life, and Total Security. 


Each talk is followed by a discussion period.

Cursillo though, really is an experience that only begins with the Three-Day-Weekend!

What happens after the weekend?

Cursillo also provides the tools to continue one’s Christian development beyond the weekend through Group Reunion, the Ultreya and Spiritual Direction.

Group Reunion:  After the weekend, new cursillistas are not required, but encouraged to join a small group or to form their own small group and continue their faith journey.  Group Reunion serves as a reminder of the commitments made on the Cursillo Weekend and as an encouragement to persevere in those commitments.

Ultreya. “Ultreya!” is a Spanish word that means “Onward!” In the Cursillo Movement, it is used to signify another perseverance tool that is available weekly to all cursillistas.  More information about Ultreya

Spiritual Direction. Cursillo also encourages cursillistas to find a Spiritual Director and to meet with him or her periodically to discuss and plan their spiritual development.

When and where is Ultreya?

When: Ultreya is held 6pm on Tuesday of each week - with the exception of the first Tuesday of the month, when School of Leaders is held.  There is a Mass at 5:30 PM.

Where: St. Albert's Hall at the Cathedral, on the 2nd floor.

Google Maps Directions and where to park.

What causes the retreats to cancel?

Local and CDC guidelines are significant, but not the only factors.  Other factors are included in the decision process when applicable.


Camp Marymount needs to book events unlikely to cancel.  Holding on to the spots we have reserved only to cancel at a later date would not be fair to the Marymount who needs to fill slots with events that can take place safely and have a lower chance of cancelling.


The Rollo Team formation takes time.  Building the team is much more than just writing talks. Even with creative solutions like teleconferencing and taking different approaches to building the team, we have a responsibility to any candidates to properly prepare and form the team.  

Will the Winter 2021 retreats be held?

The winter retreats in 2021 are still planned.  We will keep a close eye on the pandemic and continue to evaluate the situation.  Additionally, we are planning on implementing a form on the website to gauge interest in the winter dates to help planning.  Stay tuned for more information about that in the future.

How do I stay updated about the impact of COVID-19 on the retreats?

Additional updates will be communicated during Ultreya, on this website,  and through the email distribution list.   Ultreya is doing great!  Attendance at the "virtual Ultreyas" has been amazing.  Please consider attending to keep our community connected. 

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